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Flying south for the winter? Travel with comfort knowing that you’re covered. Protect yourself from unforeseen travel related expenses.

What is Snowbird Travel Insurance?

Many Canadians “snowbirds” fly south for the winter to enjoy warmer weather. Over 500,000 Canadians travel south in the winter to escape the snow. Snowbird Travel Insurance protects you from the potential out-of-pocket expenses if you were to injure yourself, lose your baggage, become ill, and more.

Your Snowbird Travel Insurance should cover your medical evacuation to Canada or another location that offers appropriate medical care. You could also find an insurance provider that covers your pre-existing medical conditions that you may suffer from.

Why should I get Travel Insurance?

Traveling enriches you with new experiences, broadens your horizons and relieves stress. When you’re taking a vacation, you expect a smooth experience filled with joy and bliss. But what do you do when the unexpected happens?

As much as we don’t like to think about it, medical emergencies, lost baggage, personal item theft, and cancelled departures are not that uncommon. You wouldn’t want either of those things to ruin your travel plans. That’s precisely the reason you need Travel Insurance, even if your getaway is within Canada.

Depending on your Travel Insurance coverage, you will be partially or fully reimbursed for your unexpected travel related expenses, such as hospital stays, non-refundable tickets, stolen items, and other travel related incurred costs.

It is in your best interest to purchase Travel Insurance as soon as you book your journey because you’re unlikely to find an insurer willing to provide you with a plan once your trip has begun.


What Is a Snowbird?

A snowbird is someone who travels to warmer climates when the weather turns cold in their home country. They are also referred to as “seasonal travelers” To escape the snow and frigid air, many Canadian snowbirds head south in search of beaches and sunshine.

When things get chilly, you may feel an urge to travel south for some warm, warm weather. You’re not alone. Over 500,000 Canadians travel south in the winter to escape the snow and otherwise dreary weather.

What should my Snowbird Insurance cover?

Your snowbird insurance should cover your medical evacuation to Canada or another place that offers appropriate medical care. You could also find an insurance provider that covers your pre-existing medical conditions if you suffer from some.

Does my provincial health insurance plan cover me?

Not always. Even if you are a Canadian and have government health insurance, coverage may be limited out of your province for up to 7 months.

Additionally, the amount of medical expenses while outside of Canada will result in being well above your coverage limit. These costs could add up to astronomical fees. Snowbird Travel Insurance protects you and can make up the difference.

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How to Save Money on Snowbird Travel Insurance?

We want to help you save your money. The best way to save money on Snowbird Travel Insurance is to compare rates from multiple providers. This can be extremely time consuming. Luckily, Alliance Income Services Corp. does all the hard work for you! By simply requesting a quote online through our website, we check what rates you can get from every major Canadian insurer.

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Compare Rates

Don’t just go for the first Snowbird Travel Insurance policy that you see, get multiple quotes from different providers to get the best price.

Go for Coverage Bundles

Bundle your Snowbird Travel Insurance with other policies like your Health and Dental Insurance. Some providers offer you a cheaper rate if you bundle your coverage.

Ask for Discounts

Insurance providers may offer periodic discounts that you’re not aware of. You never know, so ask your provider for a discount on your coverage.

Don’t Go for the Extremes

If you practice extreme sports then you should know that most insurance providers wont cover the cost if you are injured while participating in that activity. Ask your provider what you’re allowed to do while you’re away.

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