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There are several frequently requested medical services that provincial healthcare plans do not cover. The smartest decision that you can make is to set yourself up with health and dental coverage. Ensure that your prescriptions and medical procedures are covered today.

Why Do Canadians Need Health Insurance?

Your health is of the utmost importance. Most of your healthcare costs in Canada are covered by provincial health plans, but there are gaps for which the private sector is responsible.

These gaps in which the private sector is responsible for are dental care, vision care, prescription drugs, chiropractors, ambulance services and hospital rooms. These gaps may differ from province to province, but Canadians are still responsible to pay significant healthcare costs.

We at Alliance Income Services Corp. are here to help. Private Health Insurance can provide coverage on healthcare services not covered by your public health plan. Health Insurance is a great asset, especially if you have a health condition and your employer does not offer health benefits. Let us help to put you at ease. Protect your health with Alliance Income Services Corp.

How do I qualify for Health Insurance?

To qualify for health insurance, you’ll most likely need to already have a provincial healthcare plan and be no older than 74. Some insurers may require a medical examination depending on your medical history.

If you have a pre-existing condition, you may apply for a No Medical Health Insurance policy that does not require a medical exam. No Medical Health Insurance policies have guaranteed acceptance, but your premiums will be higher.

How much is Health and Dental Insurance going to cost?

Each plan varies depending on your situation. Your premium will mostly depend on your age, dental and medical history, smoking and drinking habits, and chosen level of coverage.

Your location will also be a factor as each province has a separate fee guide which insurers take into account. Of course, prices will also depend on the provider. Alliance Income Services Corp. will help you get the coverage you need at the best rate.

What will my private Health Insurance cover?

Whatever service your provincial health care plan does not cover, is likely to be covered by your private Health Insurance. Covered services include:

  • Prescription medication
  • Emergency medical service during international travel
  • Physiotherapy/massage therapy
  • Dental care
  • Vision care
  • Hearing aids
  • Hospital stays and ambulance services
  • Medical equipment (mobility devices, CPAP machines, and others)
What will my Dental Insurance cover?

Most commonly, Dental Insurance policies cover preventative oral care. Your coverage is likely to include: 

  • Dental check-ups & exams
  • Cleanings
  • Fillings
  • Wisdom teeth extractions
  • Scalings
  • X-rays

If you require coverage for more advanced procedures, such as surgery or implants, we can help you select the right plan for you. Most Dental Insurance policies will pay for up to 80% of your dental care costs, while your co-pay will be 20%.

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Types of Health Insurance in Canada

Health and Dental Insurance allows you to fill in the gaps for what your provincial plan and employer can cover. There are plans that allow you to purchase Health Insurance or Dental Insurance separately, and there are plans that combine both. Depending on your needs, we have plans with different levels of coverage for specific services. Our experts can help you find the best plan with the right amount of coverage, all at the best price.

Dental Insurance

Dental Insurance is important to have because you can develop dental or oral issues at any point in your life. Dental Insurances usually provides you coverage for up to 80% on preventative dental care. It can cover dental check-ups and exams, cleanings, wisdom teeth extractions, fillings, scalings, and x-rays. If you need orthodontic care or major restorative services, there are plans that can provide coverage. They will be priced higher and your co-pay may be greater as well. But the comfort of knowing you’re secured is unmatchable.

Health Insurance

Health insurance is important to have because it provides additional coverage for services not covered by your provincial plan. It also covers prescription medication. Services that Private Health Insurance covers include vision care, psychologists, hearing aids, physiotherapy/massage therapy, emergency medical service during international travel, hospital stays and ambulance services, and medical equipment (mobility devices, CPAP machines, and others). If you have a health condition and need additional services, Health Insurance provides you with the tailored coverage you need.

Health and Dental Insurance

Health and Dental Insurance is important to have because it covers both your dental needs and additional healthcare needs which are not covered by your provincial plan. This combination insurance can secure your health and put your stress at ease. There are a variety of plans with different levels of coverage that we offer. Our experts are here to help you find the best plan that is tailored to your needs.

How to Save Money on Health Insurance?

We want to help you save your money. The best way to save money on Health Insurance is to compare rates from multiple providers. This can be extremely time consuming. Luckily, Alliance Income Services Corp. does all the hard work for you! By simply requesting a quote online through our website, we check what rates you can get from every major Canadian insurer.

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What is your age?

Your age bracket has a significant impact on your premiums. The younger you are, the more we suggest purchasing a policy. Avoid higher rates by purchasing Health and Dental Insurance before your next birthday.

Get tax deductions

Always consult with a tax professional to find out if you can claim Medical Expense Tax Credit on your tax returns. This can help to save your money.

Smoker status

Cigarette smokers can pay up to 100% more for the same level of coverage as a non-smoker. To gain a considerable reduction on your premium payments, consider quitting smoking. It will save you money and benefit your health.

Are you covered by your spouse’s plan?

If both you and your spouse have double coverage through your employers, it might be worth it to waive one of those policies. For a cost effective solution, examine both policies and opt-out of the least comprehensive or financially ineffective plan.

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